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Overview → Who Uses Gaviri PocketSearch®?

Anyone with a USB flash drive, removable drive, desktop or laptop uses Gaviri PocketSearch. USB flash drive and large capacity removable drive users are enjoying the freedom to take their data with them and work from anywhere. Users also realize that with data mobility, they need a search engine that is as mobile as their data. Gaviri PocketSearch provides this mobility. PocketSearch is perfect for all kinds of users:

  • Perfect for Casual Users

    Gaviri PocketSearch® is the perfect solution for finding that picture, music file or video either on your flash drive or home computer. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that with Gaviri PocketSearch you can always find that file you need when you need it. You don¬ít have to be a geek to master the art of finding things on all the devices you use, you just need Gaviri PocketSearch.

  • Perfect for Mobile Professionals

    Gaviri PocketSearch® is the perfect solution for professionals on the move. Wherever you go with your flash drive or removable drive, Gaviri PocketSearch is there waiting to pull up that file you need right now. You gain unparalleled productivity by having access to files and information whenever you need it, quickly and easily.

  • Perfect for Students

    Gaviri PocketSearch® is ideal for students who don't always have access to the same computer. Whether you're working in the computer lab, a classroom, in your dorm or at the library, you always can find that file easily. In addition, any new files you save to your flash drive you can find instantly by using doing a keyword search. Now you know how to find that bright idea you had last year!

  • Perfect for Sales Professionals

    Whether you are off to a meeting, a convention or home to update tomorrow's presentation, Gaviri PocketSearch® provides full access to your documents wherever you go. Find that proposal or presentation quickly. Easily access the most current version of your documents and presentations whenever you need them - no more fumbling and searching & spend the time closing the deal.

  • Perfect for the CEO Too

    The CEO who is nervous because she/he isn't sure they can find the files they need when they need them while on the road can now relax! Get a PocketSearch-Enabled flash drive, copy your files and when you need them, find them. With a Gaviri PocketSearch-Enabled drive that spreadsheet, financial report, presentation or proposal is always within reach and with little effort. You already have a lot to worry about, don't let finding your files be one of your worries.